#1 BLUE SKY - The Big Idea


To re-brand or not
to re-brand?

Feeling redundant in an ever-changing digital world has some brands thinking
they need to re-invent themselves. From scratch.

But is it worth the time, money, and effort to take that leap?

We helped one brand decide how to take on the new landscape.

#2 THE HORIZON - A World of Possibility


Did the brand have to start over or
could they convince consumers they
were still relevant?

We needed to find out how much equity the brand had built up over the
course of 100+ years and whether their name could be made relevant in
today’s digital landscape.

We talked to small business owners and regular Canadians from across
the country to find out.

#3 Digging Deep - Deciphering the Data


Stick with what you know but push
your limits out

People had strong emotions about the brand – they felt sentimental and
nostalgic, and they didn’t want it to change.

Instead of starting over, we advised them to stretch their own limits just a
bit to assert their digital presence and relevance.

Saved them a ton of money and they’ve since asserted their
right to be online!