Qualitative Community


Access articulate, premium known respondents for online qualitative research.

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Our Qualitative Community provides you with access to the most articulate and engaged respondents for qualitative research exercises. And our proprietary algorithm has allowed us to group our community members into low, medium, and high articulation.

The quality of responses and openness of the members’ feedback is second to none.


  • Pre-opted in audience in the U.S., Canada, and the UK

  • Proven responsive and reliable respondents

  • Immediate access to in-depth discussions

  • Available for online and offline qualitative exercises


Who is invited to our Qualitative Community?

Members of our Qualitative Community have been invited to join after they have been determined to be articulate, engaged, and actively interested in participating in qualitative research exercises. We identified people by analyzing their responses and invited those who gave richer answers.

One thing we looked at, was how people answered a question about what their favorite movie is. We were not concerned with the movie per se, but rather how they spoke about it. Here are some standard responses:

  • Star Wars saga are my favorite movies of all time. Especially the Empire Strikes back.

  • John Wick. Thin romance line, huge retributive plot, lots of senseless but cleverly meted out violence.

  • Raiders of the Lost Ark series. Love the archaeology and adventure of all four movies.

These are all good answers. But check out how rich the replies are from a couple of those whom we invited into the Qualitative Community.


“My favourite movie is Mad Max II a.k.a. The Road Warrior. To me, it is perfect storytelling. The main character has fewer than twenty lines. The pacing is perfect, and the art direction and wardrobe (and script) revolutionized a genre of movies and have been endlessly copied and built upon. It’s also pre- cgi, so every stunt was the real deal. All on a slender, non Hollywood bloated budget. Storytelling with heart and imagination and dedication and ingenuity. Impressive as hell.”

“My very, very favourite movie is Jane Eyre! I read the book when I was a child, and loved it. The movie has to be the one starring George C. Scott. Takes place in Britain in the early 1800’s. First and foremost, it is a love story, and starts when Jane is young and has to go to Lowood Institution for Girls. From there she accepts a placement as a governess and meets and falls in love with the lord of the manor. Many things interfere with their love, but finally, after trials and tribulations they are re-united. It’s an old fashioned story; it takes you through years and tugs at your heart. I heartily recommended it to my granddaughters over the years and they loved it at well. It definitely stands the test of time!!”


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